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There are times when, for reasons of security or strategy, it is advisable to set up a trust. IG Trustee creates a tailored trust to meet the specific requirements of the client and his family.

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IG Trustee

IG Trustee Limited was registered in Malta on the 15th April 2015 under Company Registration No. C69987. The company is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and is authorized to receive property under trusts and act as a trustee or co-trustee, as well as to provide other fiduciary se rvices.

As a growing concern, IGT enjoys the benefit of highly qualified personnel in the field o f trust-related service.

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For many years now, the island has been a growing financial centre of increasing importance. The development originates back from the exchange with various merchant cultures in the Mediterranean, who have always found refuge on the tiny island of Malta. The imposition of the typical methodological approach of the British regulatory system transformed the island, mutually coinciding with the latest European standards that Malta complies with.

Thanks to the amalgamation of these cultures, the modern reality of Malta guarantees high professionalism, proven business and banking organization systems, and a fertile ground that enables the creation of avant-garde, highly customizable investment solutions, at competitive costs. This allows us to be the ideal solution for holders of sizeable assets that are looking for traditional or alternative solutions.

Fiduciary services

Acting as a trustee


Advice and services to the trusteeship of the Trust; Provision of professional advice in relation to the creation of the Trust.


Support to the settlor with the transfer of assets to the Trust and ensuring the segregation of the assets in question.


Development of the tailored financial strategy that compliments client's needs.


Fiduciary services

Reinforced with a sound theoretical and practical experience, we are able to achieve the desired security, safety and completion.
Expertise in civil law, tax and business arenas where the Trust is to take effect.
Professional individual that abides rigorously by the terms of the Trust and strives to ensure the mitigation of adverse events.
As part of a group of companies operating in various fields, the Company is able to source professional expertise for the service that may be required.

IG Trustee Ltd. Is authorised to act as a Trustee / Co-Trustee and to provide other Fiduciary Services by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) under license no. C69987.
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